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Medical/Clinical Assistant. 510801


Medical Career Academy has carefully developed a 6-month medical assistant program consisting of classroom learning with extensive hands-on training.

Our program prepares students quickly and efficiently to work alongside physicians in a variety of different medical practices.


Medical Terminology/Anatomy & Physiology

Understanding and using common medical terminology is part of ensuring a high level of communication within the healthcare team. You will learn medical prefixes, suffixes and word roots which can be used to define most medical terms correctly.

Anatomy and Physiology is designed to give you the basic knowledge of structure and function of all body systems. Used in conjunction with Medical Terminology, this will help you understand the human body system and how it functions, common pathology and diseases, and diagnostic/treatment modalities.



Administrative Medical Assistant

Here you will learn many administrative aspects that is directly related to the duties performed in a medical office setting. Some subjects covered are appointment scheduling, telephone skills, communication, referrals, medical record management both electronic and paper. Other content areas covered include processing insurance claims, authorizations, medical coding and billing.


Infection Control and Safety

As a healthcare worker one of the most important responsibilities is to prevent the spread of infection for your patients, your coworkers and yourself. The importance of infection control has increased and you will learn all the skills necessary to work safely.


Law and Ethics

This section will introduce you to the legal and ethical challenges you will face as a health care professional. You will be taught to identify and respond to issues of confidentiality, perform within legal and ethical boundaries, document appropriately, HIPAA guidelines and informed consent.



You will learn the fundamentals of pharmacology rules and regulation, including knowledge of medications, classification of drugs and dosage calculations. Emphasis is placed on proper methods of administrating medications in all forms such as injections, oral and topical.



Learning how to safely and properly perform phlebotomy is a valuable skill in the medical field. You will receive training on performing specimen collection procedures using various venipuncture techniques. In addition, requisitioning, transporting, processing and quality assurance will also be covered.


Clinical Skills

In addition to various injection techniques and performing phlebotomy, you will also learn a long list of hands-on skills designed to focus on building your confidence, knowledge and foundation. Some skills include obtaining vital signs, preparing patients for and assisting with physical examinations and minor procedures. You will also learn EKG, spirometry, wound care, sutures/staples, apply and remove casts, splinting and performing on-site lab tests.


National Exam Prep

Our entire course is built to help you succeed in the healthcare field and also prepare you to take the national certification exam. You will have access to exam prep material throughout the Medical Assistant course.


Program Length (Weeks)




Entrance Requirements

High School Diploma or Equivalent


Medical Career Academy

WIOA Approved Program


Curriculum Competency Based

Infection control, Injections, point of care testing, blood collection

Training Location(s)

2082 S Eagle Rd, Meridian, Idaho

Local WIB

40 - REG-1 WIB 1-5

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In-house payment plans

Refund Policy

Student may withdraw prior to drop period and will receive full tuition refund, when request is submitted in writing and sent to administration and the return of all course materials. No refund is offered after the drop period. Student is responsible for full tuition if course is dropped after the drop period. Drop period is the first full two weeks after course start date. 

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31-9092.00Medical Assistants
$17.67 per hour
Required Certification: CMA, RMA, NCMA, CCMA

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2082 S Eagle Rd, Meridian, Idaho 83642

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(208) 506-2142

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